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Social Security benefits affected by divorce

Getting divorced can be a financially confusing experience no matter what stage of life two people in New York are in. However, it can be particularly challenging for individuals who are just years away from retiring. An understanding of how divorce and Social Security work may help these individuals to make wise decisions about their financial futures while going through the marital breakup process.

Tips can help with tackling emotional challenges of divorce

Getting divorced certainly presents financial challenges no matter what two spouses' income levels may be. However, the divorce process can also be difficult to handle on an emotional level. Here's a rundown on how individuals who are going through divorce can overcome the emotional challenges associated with process in New York.

Prenups may protect business owners in the event of divorce

A marital breakup can easily dismantle a person's finances in New York. Unfortunately, that also means that the business that he or she worked so hard to build can be negatively impacted by divorce. For this reason, it is a wise idea for business owners to create prenuptial agreements prior to walking down the aisle.

Some common reasons couples head for divorce

Marriages end for many different reasons. But New York couples who find themselves headed for divorce may find they have some things in common with each other when walking down the path toward ending their marriages. Experts suggest that there are some common reasons couples end up divorcing. If these issues aren't rectified, they can fester and ultimately partners may find themselves discussing separation or divorce. 

Mediation offers multiple benefits during divorce

Navigating the dissolution of a marriage can seem like a harrowing process. In addition to dealing with the division of marital property, two spouses who are getting a divorce must tackle complex matters like alimony and, if there are kids involved, custody and child support. Fortunately, these issues can potentially be resolved without the parties ever having to step foot in a New York courtroom.

Divorce preparation may make process smoother

The process of getting divorced is difficult. In addition to dealing with the financial aspect of the proceedings, child custody, parenting time and child support are often high priority concerns. Regardless, being prepared for the ins and outs of divorce in New York may make the process easier to handle from start to finish.

Financial preparation may make divorce process easier

Ending a marriage can no doubt be a complicated ordeal in New York. Although divorce can be hard to process emotionally, the financial aspect of divorce can also be a source of confusion and stress. However, taking steps to understand one's financial situation before filing for divorce may help to make the divorce process easier.

Emotional reasons for getting a divorce are on the rise

Two spouses may decide to break up for a variety of reasons, including infidelity or financial conflict. However, according to new research, the top reason why people get divorced in New York and elsewhere is the inability to feel emotionally fulfilled in the marriage. According to researchers, emotional and psychological factors in divorce are growing, whereas violence- and addiction-related factors are plummeting.

Divorce proceeding doesn't have to be filled with conflict

Ending a marriage is challenging on many fronts. For instance, individuals with young children may argue over who should get custody of the children. Couples may also disagree about how to divide their shared property. Fortunately, taking a couple of steps may help to reduce conflict during a divorce proceeding in New York.

Credit score requires attention during divorce proceeding

Having to face major life changes is inevitable during the process of getting divorced. Naturally, those going through divorce in New York may feel that they do not have a say in the outcome of the process. However, they can take specific steps to put themselves in the best position to succeed financially, including being proactive about their credit.


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