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Understanding the divorce process

Completing a divorce could take time. Yes, there are amicable divorce settlements that move forward without delays. However, no one should expect a divorce will occur in an exponentially fast time frame. Several legal steps are required to receive the final divorce...

Which are the basic steps of divorce?

If you're thinking of getting a divorce in New York, you're not alone. Every year, thousands of couples in the United States decide to end their marriages. If you're considering a divorce, there are a few things you should know about the process. Filing for divorce...

Preparing for a ‘gray’ divorce

Getting a "gray" divorce, or a divorce when you're in your 50s or older, comes with challenges that younger couples may not face. It may be best for you to make sure your retirement plans are intact and to make any changes to your estate before your divorce so that...

How to freeze assets for divorce

For a divorce in New York, one of the key steps is to freeze assets so that they can't be moved around or hidden during the property division process. A judge can order a freeze if they believe a party might take or conceal assets but it is also possible for a party...

What is equitable distribution?

All states use a property assessment policy of some type when deciding asset distribution in a divorce proceeding. Some states use community property law, but others like New York use equitable distribution policy. This means that each asset is evaluated for...

Getting ready for divorce in New York

Each state has its own requirements for the divorce process and New York is no different. To avoid mistakes that can be costly and complicate the process, you should learn about the basic aspects of divorce in the Empire State. The basic requirements To file for...