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June 2015 Archives

Validez De Divorcios Extranjeros En NY

Dados los avances en el derecho de familia, ya no hay una solución de "talla única" para el divorcio. En particular, los divorcios extranjeros se han vuelto cada vez más comunes dado que pueden ser más baratos y resueltos más rápidamente.

A Quien Le Toca Que En Nuestro Divorcio? Propiedad Marital vs. Propiedad Separada

Cuando una pareja decide divorciarse, una de sus principales preocupaciones será típicamente acerca de las "cosas" - los elementos físicos acumulados en el tiempo a lo largo de un matrimonio y también los elementos no tangibles. Las parejas que están casadas por largos períodos de tiempo, inevitablemente, han acumulado todo tipo de propiedad juntos -Muebles, antigüedades, fotografías, automóviles, joyas, aparatos electrónicos, bienes, herencias, ganancias de lotería, compensaciones por lesiones personales, regalos entre sí, regalos de la familia y amigos, pensiones, cuentas IRA, opciones sobre acciones ... y la lista sigue y sigue. La pregunta es, ¿quién se queda con qué?

Where & How Do I File for Divorce in New York?

People looking to get divorced in New York often have no idea how to do so. Why would they? It's unlikely something they've ever had to deal with. But it is important to understand the various requirements one must meet in order to file for divorce in New York State. There are also factors to consider that will affect the county in which a person chooses to file for divorce.

Foreign Divorces: Expanded

It is not uncommon for married couples looking to dissolve of their marriage to seek a divorce in a country other than the United States. There are plenty of reasons why people might look elsewhere for a divorce:

Who gets what in our divorce? Marital Property vs. Separate Property

When a couple decides to get divorced, one of their main concerns will typically be about the "things" - the physical items accumulated over time throughout a marriage, and also the non-tangible items. Couples who are married for long periods of time will inevitably have amassed all sorts of property together -furniture, antiques, photographs, cars, jewelry, electronics, property, inheritances, lottery winnings, personal injury awards, gifts from each other, gifts from family members and friends, pensions, IRAs, stock options... the list goes on and on. The question is, who gets to keep what?

Validation of Foreign Divorces in NY

Given the advancements in family law, there is no longer a "one-size-fits-all" solution for divorce. In particular, foreign divorces have become increasingly common given that they can be cheaper and more quickly resolved.

Dating & Divorce: Do or Don't?

When you're in the midst of a divorce, it can feel like walking on eggshells. The delicate balance of preserving the peace while also fighting for what you want is difficult and many adults find themselves looking for an outlet to relieve this tension. Enter: dating. Pursuing an emotional connection on the side is harmless, right?


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