Blog Posts in October, 2014

  • Seeking Custody? A Guide on Do's and Don'ts

    In New York, custody and visitation are based on a "best interests of the child" analysis. Therefore, it is extremely important, as a parent seeking custody or visitation, to act in a way that conveys you have your child or children's best interests at heart. Listed below are several behaviors that you must, or, in other cases, should never, engage in during custody litigation. DO: Everything In ...
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  • Grandparents: What Are Their Rights in New York?

    For many of us, family goes beyond our parents, siblings, and children. It extends to aunts, uncles, cousins, and, significantly, grandparents. There is no question that grandparents often play an extremely important role in the happiness and development of their grandchildren. They provide love, guidance, and, in many cases, care. Some grandparents go above and beyond that, stepping into the role ...
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  • Terminating Child Support: What is an "Emancipating Event?"

    Although many issues are addressed during divorce litigation, there are often questions that come up after an agreement has been reached. One of the most common issues is when a parent no longer has to pay child support . Typically, a parent ceases to be responsible for support payments upon what is known as the emancipation of the child. Under NY law, this is when a child reaches 21 years of age. ...
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  • Not All Battles are Fought in the Courtroom: When Divorce Goes Online

    Since the beginning of divorce in society, there have always been those seeking to keep the entire process as private as possible. Similarly, there are just as many parties who want the world to know everything, from the distribution of assets to custody arrangements to their ex-spouses darkest actions and character traits, both real and imagined. Sometimes this can be as simple as one person ...
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