Five Ways to Prepare for Your Adoption

For those who are considering adoption, it is one of the most exciting and monumental decisions that you'll ever make. Such a decision involves a lot of smaller choices that you'll have to make along the way. From selecting a country to preparing your home and your family, the road to adoption is a long way and it helps to be prepared.

Here you'll find five of the best ways to prepare for your adoption journey. The sooner you start preparing mentally, physically, and financially, the more equipped you'll be when the day finally arrives.

Stay Positive About the Waiting Part

The tales of those who have waited years to finally adopt their child are not exaggerated. International adoptions often take between one and three years, based on the country you choose. Going into your adoption with the mindset of waiting will help ease the frustration.

Research the Country or Area You Hope to Adopt From

Many countries impose strict guidelines for anyone hoping to adopt, including age requirements and the length of time you must be married before applying. Not all adoption agencies require you to choose a country before begin the process, but it can be helpful so you know what to expect. If you choose to adopt from within the country, you will likely have less of a waiting period.

Know How Much It Is Going to Cost

The high price of adoption is a well-known fact and some families save for years before they're financially ready. Many adoptions cost upwards of $50,000 regardless of the country you choose. Will you need to apply for a loan? How much are you will to spend? Figure out your answers prior to getting knee-deep in paperwork.

Prepare the Rest of Your Family

If you already have children, the importance of preparing them cannot be stressed enough. Teach them about the country you're adopting from or about the child you intend to adopt by talking about unique traditions or trying special foods. Show them pictures of your child. Give them time to adjust to a new sibling and help them get excited for such a big change.

Find Out About Your Child's Life Before Adopting

Many adopted children go through a great deal of emotional and even physical trauma prior to being adopted. Your agency may tell you more about this, but be sure to ask questions so you'll know how to best help your child adapt when they come home with you.


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