Blog Posts in December, 2014

  • Pre-Nups: Is Getting One Right for You?

    Although planning a wedding can be one of the happiest times in many people's lives, the fact remains that those getting married in New York City face a unique set of circumstances: a later average age of marriage (early 30's) and a divorce rate that is several times higher than most of the nation. Although no one wants to think of their marriage ending in divorce before it even begins, a ...
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  • A Father's Parenting Time Rights in New York

    In New York, fathers are now given equal consideration as mothers in child custody matters. Ideally, divorcing parents will reach a child custody agreement on their own but if that is not feasible, a judge will decide based on the best interests of the children. If you are a father who is headed for divorce , you may be concerned about your rights to your children, or at the very least, curious. ...
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  • The Legal Process of Adoption: Some FAQ's

    Adopting a child is one of the most wonderful things that a family can do. However, prospective parents often find the adoption laws and process in New York City to be intimidating. While adoption is one of the more complex aspects of Family Law in New York, when broken down, prospective adoptive parents can gain a much better understanding of the legal steps and options involved. 1. What Sources ...
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  • Special Immigrant Juvenile Status: A Pathway to Citizenship for Undocumented Children through the New York Family Court

    One of the big issues in New York Family Law centers around immigration. It is very common for relatives in the United States—siblings, aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents—to want to help bring over those they love. In many recent cases, the person they want to bring over is a child. However, coming to the United States is not easy and options for bringing over a younger loved one can be limited. ...
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  • Five Ways to Prepare for Your Adoption

    For those who are considering adoption , it is one of the most exciting and monumental decisions that you'll ever make. Such a decision involves a lot of smaller choices that you'll have to make along the way. From selecting a country to preparing your home and your family, the road to adoption is a long way and it helps to be prepared. Here you'll find five of the best ways to prepare for your ...
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  • Divorce and the Holidays: A Survival Guide

    One of the most challenging aspects of life post separation and divorce is managing the time each parent has with their children. However, during the holiday season, this stress can increase significantly. For many parents, the holidays are about more than just the time together itself. The holidays involve religious and family traditions, and large gatherings spent with extended relatives. ...
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  • Redefining Family: Marriage Equality in New York

    On July 24, 2011, history was made in the state of New York, when the Marriage Equality Act was passed by the New York Legislature, allowing for the legalization of same-sex marriages in the state. Religious organizations can refuse to conduct or recognize these marriages, under The Marriage Equality Act of 2011. The law does not allow for any penalties to be taken against the religious groups. ...
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