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Concerned About Parental Alienation?

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While divorce often creates a rift between separated spouses, it can directly impact the children in a similar way. One parent may choose to degrade the other in front of their child, leading to a problem known as parental alienation. Because solving this problem can be difficult, and courts are often slow to address it, it is vital that you retain a New York City divorce lawyer.

Our firm has seen the devastation caused by parental alienation, which is why we work hard to protect those affected by it. The relationship shared with your child is important and we are committed to taking a stand for what you deserve. If you fear that your ex-spouse is perpetuating parental alienation, act quickly by seeking counsel from Cedeño Law Group, PLLC.

What Are The Warning Signs Of Parental Alienation?

Parents who engage in parental alienation are often selfishly motivated, seeking to damage the relationship between the child and the other parent. If left undealt with, the consequences can be permanent. It is important to watch out for common signs of parental alienation, which include:

  • Asking the child to choose one parent over the other
  • Blaming the other parent for the divorce
  • Reacting with hurt when a child spends time with the other parent
  • Refusing to be flexible with visitation schedules
  • Revealing details about the divorce to the child

Before sharing your concerns with the court, document any evidence of the parental alienation. The more proof you have, the more likely the court is to take action. Even still, it can take months for a judge to act and therapy and investigations are often required to evaluate the validity of your concerns. Our firm has experience with parental alienation cases and will work tirelessly to eliminate barriers preventing you from obtaining a favorable outcome.

Handling Your Case With Respect And Compassion

The emotional side of parental alienation is difficult enough — let our firm handle the legal aspects. Although we keep our clients closely informed on the workings of their case, we will refrain from overwhelming you with the minutia of our responsibilities. Your best interests are our No. 1 priority.

Put a stop to parental alienation before it is too late. Schedule your confidential consultation with our firm and learn how our experienced New York City divorce attorney can help you.


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