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Divorce is never easy. The dissolution of a marriage can be painfully difficult. When children are concerned, the worries and issues increase considerably. Our firm recognizes the emotional toll placed on dividing families. At Cedeño Law Group, PLLC, our New York City child custody attorney can provide the compassionate legal counsel you need to protect your child's well-being, as well as your parental rights.

Types Of Child Custody In New York

Except in cases where a child would be harmed, Supreme Court and family court judges favor arrangements where both parents can continue a connection with the child. In order to maintain the parent-child bond, New York has multiple types of arrangements.

Types of parenting arrangements:

Physical custody: Determines whether the child lives solely with one parent, or splits time equally/partially between two households.

Legal custody: The right to make decisions regarding the well-being of the child, including education, health care, religion and other important factors.

Joint custody: Shared responsibility in making decisions regarding the child's well-being. This usually applies to matters of legal custody and related issues.

Temporary custody: Awarded to one or both parents after divorce is filed. Child custody order nullifies this temporary custody once the divorce decree is finalized.

We understand that the process of deciding how much and what type of contact you will have with your child can be the most troublesome issue of your divorce proceedings. No matter what type of custody you wish to have, our New York City divorce lawyer can be the zealous advocate you require to uphold your relationship with your child.

Child custody is governed by the laws in Article 5 and Article 13 of the New York Code - Domestic Relations (Dom. Rel. Law § 70-74, 240).

Determining Child Custody

The national standard in determining child custody is considering the best interests of the child. Unfortunately, it is the debate of these issues and concerns that can create the most contentious legal battles. Supreme Court and family court take numerous factors into consideration when determining child custody.

Some of the common factors taken into consideration include the following:

  • Preferences of the child
  • Parental courtroom behavior
  • Any history of child abuse or neglect
  • Parents' age, health and financial stability
  • Mental and emotional stability of both the child and the parents

At Cedeño Law Group, PLLC, we can provide experienced and insightful representation throughout your child custody proceedings. Protecting your rights as well as your child's best interest is our first priority. We will put our extensive experience in family law to use to help you reach an agreeable resolution.

Consult With A New York City Family Law Attorney

Children mature, finances change and parents remarry. All these are events that may require a modification of your child custody orders. In addition, concerns such as parental alienation, an upcoming relocation, or an obstructed visitation may require immediate court action.

Legal counsel that will help resolve ongoing issues!

Our highly regarded child custody lawyer in New York City can be the fierce representation you need to change or uphold your current child custody orders. Protecting the relationship you have with your child is our primary concern.

For skilled and supportive legal assistance for any child custody issue, contact our firm today to arrange a case evaluation.


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