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  • Making a Case for Stepparent Adoption

    The role of a stepparent is beautiful and unique from any other family role. Biological parents do not get to choose their children, but stepparents do. Their deliberate choice makes their bond with their stepchildren wholly special—at the same time, stepparents are indistinguishable from birth parents in their daily responsibilities. They offer advice in tough times, provide help with school, ...
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  • The Legal Process of Adoption: Some FAQ's

    Adopting a child is one of the most wonderful things that a family can do. However, prospective parents often find the adoption laws and process in New York City to be intimidating. While adoption is one of the more complex aspects of Family Law in New York, when broken down, prospective adoptive parents can gain a much better understanding of the legal steps and options involved. What sources for ...
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  • Five Ways to Prepare for Your Adoption

    For those who are considering adoption, it is one of the most exciting and monumental decisions that you'll ever make. Such a decision involves a lot of smaller choices that you'll have to make along the way. From selecting a country to preparing your home and your family, the road to adoption is a long way and it helps to be prepared. Here you'll find five of the best ways to prepare for your ...
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